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Setup automated notifications on your store

You can set up your store to send text messages automatically to customers when things like new orders or shipments happen. Just follow the steps carefully to make it work.

  1. Go to Automations tab

alt text for screen readers

Now you can either activate a suggested flow or create a new one from scratch. If you choose to activate a suggested flow, it's already designed for you.

Create a new automation

  1. Click New Automation to create one from scratch alt text for screen readers
  2. Now, look to the right, and select a trigger for your automation, like Fulfillment Updated. alt text for screen readers
  3. Click the + button to open the Action Selector and choose an action, like Text Message, to send an SMS to the customer's phone number. alt text for screen readers
  4. Now, you'll see a template selector. Pick a message template that suits your action. alt text for screen readers
  5. Click Update button to save your automation.  

    Now whenever a Fulfillment is updated for an order, a text message will be sent to customers' phone number, just like you designed in your flow
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